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Foot drop?

Foot drop?

How to get a smooth walk anyway

Any anomalies affecting how our feet move can alter our gait, sometimes even quite severely. This can lead to a reduced ability to support our body weight and make us feel uneasy and less confident about walking.

One of these conditions is foot drop, which is sometimes called drop foot. After the foot has made contact with the ground it is difficult to lift it up again and the forefoot can suddenly drop. This can make you feel very unsteady on your feet and even cause tripping in some cases. 

Foot drop can make walking very difficult.

This why wearing an Afolight or Afo extrastrong ankle-foot orthosis can help you to walk and enables posture to be corrected, which reduces the risk of tripping or falling.

Click here to learn more about the Afo braces by Orthoservice Ro+Ten:


Afo extrastrong 

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