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Who said a brace couldn’t be easy to wear?

Who said a brace couldn’t be easy to wear?

Let’s take a closer look at the Easy Adjusting and Easy Fastening pictograms

The Orthoservice Ro+Ten pictograms are graphic symbols that we have included in our product factsheets that clearly explain a product’s key distinctive features at a glance. 

Easy Adjusting identifies products that are specially designed so that braces can be more easily, quickly and accurately adjusted to fit the wearer’s unique physical characteristics.

An excellent example is Elbo 2.0, the elbow brace that enables  the length to be telescopically adjusted with easy-to-use buttons. 

Easy Fastening is the pictogram for products that are particularly easy to don while still ensuring all the support and comfort they were designed to deliver. 

Like the PolFIT 21 wrist immobilizer; it is easy to don as it opens fully at the back yet still provides effective protection for a wrist that is fractured or weak and vulnerable following surgery. 

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